Alaska Trip Planning

February 10, 2009 9:01 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska trip planning

Recommendations for organizing a fishing trip memorable rafting in Alaska

When it comes to planning a float fishing trip, Alaska is like Mecca fishing places. The views are incredible, the waters are crystal clear and fish are abundant.

You'll find rivers full of fish, beautiful landscapes, great people and an incredible experience. However, before you start booking, read on for some tips that will ensure your Alaskan fishing trip is one to remember.

Try a Vacation Planning Service

Instead of relying on a specific file, charter company or your own self-guided tour, try to book a trip planning service. These companies will lock in and plan your fishing trip based on when you'll be there, what you want to catch fish, your fishing style and, of course, your budget. It can also be an invaluable resource for finding the best guides and fishing spots.

One company recommended by Frommer's Guide to Alaska are Sport Fishing Alaska (907-344-8674). They can coordinate all your needs, including housing and local travel options.

Do Your Research

Since most of the fish in Alaska are migratory, it is so important to know when season, as well as having to be at a given time. Otherwise, you may find your stay in an empty lodge next to a river without fish.

Its main source of data, or you must be your local guide or the State Department of Fish and Game Sport Fish Division. The division is online at and has one of the most comprehensive websites in the country. Check weekly for updates on great fishing spots, career information, tips and articles educational.

The site also offers localized information that is largely specific to each region and area. You can find publications and data execution times, the seasons and the best lures and flies for fishing in the region. For the tour operator or recommendations of the Charter, also try to call the local offices of the department.

Book in advance

For a float high tide season, residents of Alaska and veterans Travel reserve your place early. The best houses in the fishing peak hours tend to book quickly, which means they must be prepared and ready to reserve your spot. You will also find that hubs port cities and the airport can be packed with tourists, so commit to your hotel and car hire well in advance.

Fishing Alaska Packing List

Alaska is all about wild temperatures – from the midday sun hot to cold nights or pouring rain. Plan ahead by packing clothes that can be layered, dries quickly and absorbs sweat.

Also, invest their money in a high quality, waterproof suit waterproof and wind that is designed for fishing expeditions. To ensure a comfortable safe trip and float fishing, the residents of Alaska know you have to pack the right clothes and be prepared.

A fishing trip in Alaska is an opportunity for exciting adventure in the water. Your advance preparation will not only distract from the trivial details, while there, but also enhance your overall experience.

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