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June 13, 2008 5:43 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska travel cruise
Alaska Cruise from Seattle?

So I'm trying to book a cruise of 6-8 days away from Seattle to Alaska cruise for a group of six people (4 people ages 20 to 25, and 2 people ages 49-52) just had a couple of questions (currently working with different travel agencies for options, but just wanted to get more opinions): 1) suggested cruise line for our budget (about 2,000 per person) and age group .. all lines Cruise may have family rooms that could hold six (instead of four)? 2) What is the best area of Alaska to cross if we want to see the glaciers, whales, etc. .. (Ie, within the passage?) 3) How will the weather in the first week of July compared with the first week of August? 4) Everything has to do is / should go on a cruise to Alaska? 5) for those who made this cruise and had a balcony, I heard that many people do not use them at all, because it is quite Cold .. Is this true? (I live in Seattle so I'm used to the climate of Seattle). 6) any additional information, recommendations, questions?

First, cross MUCH – 3-4 times a year! Therefore, I am speaking from experience. We crossed to Alaska in April 2002 and was the first cruise of the season. It was cold and crisp but not freezing. We are taking another trip to Alaska in mid-September, and hopefully will be much warmer. Now, I will answer your questions. 1. $ 2,000 per person is much more than you have to spend on a cruise. We booked our celebrity and I paid $ 869 for an outside cabin w / o balcony. If there a balcony would have been about $ 1,300. Make sure that the budget for the extremities (10 pp / day), day trips, liquor, and the casino. The family suites tend to go fast, and are quite expensive. Your best bet would be to get two ccabins a side by side. This gives you more space, plus an additional bathroom (I need). They give you a nice price break for passengers 3 and 4 in the room. Most cabins have a maximum of 4 passengers per room. 2. I'll take Inside Passage – but you'll see glaciers and whales in any of the cruises to Alaska. 3. The weather in August vs July is basically the same. High temperatures in July 1965; Lows 52 August and maximum temperatures of 63, low 49 points (according to Yahoo weather) 4. Do not miss the train ride in Skagway! Do not miss the hike to Glacier Mendalson! Do not miss Glacier Bay! 5. If I could afford a balcony, I would! It's not that cold in July and August! You'll see more whales, and really see more glaciers sitting on your balcony (even if you are covered in a blanket). One idea is to get a room with balcony … and one without. More information roundtrip cruises from Seattle Holland America. But, take Yahoo's travel and get a lot more information. Have fun!

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