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February 8, 2009 7:19 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska travel agency
What is your definition of a travel or business trips?

Is it over … a) A full-time job with a lot of travel involved? eg pilot, traveling nurse, truck driver, etc, tour guide, journalist b) A working holiday? eg teaching English au pair, picking fruit, seasonal jobs in Alaska c etc) Freelancing during the trip? For example: If you write, photography, design, programming, translation or while traveling. D) Work-related travel industry – for example, tourist guide, tour bus driver, the use of workers, workers issue Park, job cruise ship, etc. e) The volunteer work? – O is totally out of the picture f) Business Travel? It allows people to travel and Business Management, at the same time. Which of the above would be to relate more to a "travel or business trips" or a combination of the above?

A "trip" work and "itinerant work" are not the same thing. For me, a "trip" is a work within the industry travel (ie my work) and to me that it would also be very specific to airlines, travel agents, tour guides and not that workers or workers' use of theme parks that I would "tourism" jobs. I class these as jobs in industry tourism because they are based on a stationary tourist attraction not within a company that organizes trips. A "trip" working on the other side is a little harder to define. For me it would a) work involved in during the trip and probably in a field that had no plans to stay in seasonal jobs ie Alaska, picking fruit or b) a job that requires you to make a lot of travel, ie, a traveling salesman or perhaps a truck driver. I would not call independent work (ie, photography or design) work on the road, it happens that for a period of time that could be up to, but at the same time could easily do any of these jobs during their stay in one place. Hence his freelance simply not traveling.

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