Alaska Train Vacation

November 20, 2007 5:46 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska train vacation
Getting there

I'm in San Diego, and I want to go on vacation to see my friend in Alaska. Not only Alaska, Alaska Fairbanks is about 400 miles North Ancorage (sp)? I do not want to fly. I want to know how far a train going north, and then my optons are there. I know I can go see an agent travel, but they are closed, and I'm trying to get an idea. Any websights you may know of? Personal knowledge? thanks friends

The easiest way to get there is flying. There is no rail service across Canada to Alaska, and no Greyhound service. You can, however, reach YT Whitehorse by Greyhound and then take direct bus line from Alaska to Fairbanks. It could also take the Alaska Marine Highway ferry from Bellingham, Washington to Whittier AK and then take the bus from there to direct Alaska Fairbanks. Or you can take the ferry to Whittier, Anchorage bus and train to Fairbanks.

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