Alaska Train Tour

July 18, 2009 1:40 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska train tour
Dallas, Texas and Fort Worth, hunters?

Any Dallas – Ft Worth, hunters interested in hunting in Alaska in the near future? Iv'e wrtting been here under the handle Glacierwolf. I am a long time Alaskan hunter, trapper and hunter safety certified instructor Alaska. There is no square mile Alaska have not worked, flown over, hunted, trapped, fish, been stuck, stranded or crashed a plane in July thanks to the tours of duty with the U.S. Coast Guard and 10 years volunteering as an EMT advanced by Bush and mountain rescue. I'm heading to Dallas 29 January to 4 February for business training If you want local hear the scoop on how to hunt Alaska as a place for cheap – and what to expect and take away – I have time to meet. I helped allot of people respected her dream of a hunt in Alaska. Be happy to help. I trade – my knowledge of Alaska to Steak to visit and which to avoid, while in Dallas.

Well I live in West Texas, but I know a couple of good places to visit in Dallas. I personally love to hang around Addison Beltline th …. it intersects with North Dallas Toll ยช. Anyway north on the toll that you take a left at the waistline. There are a couple of place I would suggest, is a Fogo De Chow … will be on the side left about 1-2 miles down. This is a Brazilian steakhouse. They have these chips on the table … red side means stop, green means go next. This tells the waiter when to stop taking food! Everything is a great thing and somewhere far from the buffet. They come by with ribbons, lamb, chicken, etc. Now, the bill is not cheap either … about a person 40.00. There is also another place that is almost the same one most of the street called Texas De Brazil. Now for breakfast or lunch, which has a siren at all the way back to the toll or Madelin's the other side of the toll ring. The Madelin is a French-style cafe with good breakfast and snacks. Anyway, you should start and welcome to Texas! Ray

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