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October 26, 2009 10:31 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska tours
Who has been on a trip to Alaska?

Planning a trip to Alaska waters of the earth in 2007. When is the best ITME to go?

April – very few cruisers then (maybe a few trips re-positioning), but very few tourists in the city. A little snow muddy. Days in Anchorage are approximately 15 hours. My favorite time to get on the Alaska Highway, because there is no snow or ice and yet the entire construction roads or motorhomes so you make good time (and yet you can still see lots of Northern Lights / Aurora). May – 17 The days are long hours (more Fairbanks, Juneau least), mosquitoes are starting to leave, but not bad yet. Only one angler on a few (early King run) a pleasant stay here. Often pretty stable weather. June & July – Ridiculously long hours – 19-21 hours dusk. Busy to get enough hotels, museums, rafting, flightseeing, hiking, camping, etc are more crowded. The errors are at their worst. We have a little summer rain. salmon go red and it is important for some (they are delicious.) August – even full blown tourist season, but starting to dry, weatherwise. More forest fires are Generally, smoke may reduce the points of view within Alaska. A few days ago to 16 hours or less. September, the air is getting crisp, yellow birch and fireweed turn and Knik Knik and red. It can be very nice. Do you need a jacket for cooler temperatures, but can kill the bugs. End of the silver salmon run. 13 hours of light the day. Children are back in school, less cruises to choose, but toursits much less in the city. The time is again stable, clear day in June-July-August No snow, except perhaps in the mountains – Coming in October or November we have been pushing more and more people come to us in May or September visist. Especially since we are so busy in the summer, but also because these are the months before and after most of the tourists come. And if you do not mind 55-65F temps, then errors are much lower than in mid-summer.

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