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November 19, 2007 1:46 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska tour and travel
What are best taken on excursions in Alaska?

There will be four adults and a child who is 4 years old. We want to travel from mid-September next year. What is the best day to visit Denali National Park? What is the best cruise Fjords National Park Kenai? And how I can get a good deal? Does anyone know about toursaver Alaska? Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated ….

We a great day tour to the Seward glacier tour. I highly recommend NOT a commercial cruise, since it does not really see Alaska. They stop at Cheezy tourist spots (that are not real cities in Alaska) and to buy totems that were made in China. Other places are good Denali (only go to many websites Denali tour in search of a day trip good), wildlife refuges many (these are great because you can get really close to the animals), Eagle River if such as bald eagles, and I know there is a place you can get really close to the bears, but you have to Google. Oh! And if you can get to Fairbanks for the day, you can go to the natural hot springs. As for good deals, you are going to get everything online. Good luck!

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