Alaska Student Loans

January 9, 2010 2:56 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska student loans
Should I go to Alaska?

I'm about to graduate with the type of degree that should allow to find a job wherever I like, and I'm thinking of starting to Alaska. I hope to use the years between finishing my masters and go back to school to get my student loans paid, so the idea is make as much money as possible. Is the cost of living not so ridiculously high it will not be able to break even or get ahead? What else should I know before consider such a move?

I've been in Alaska and Australia (as one of the Top Answerers others have responded;) Alaska used to be the land of opportunities but has changed a bit. It seems that everyone wants to go to Alaska and the Australian land at some point in their lives. You can still make big money in Alaska. At this point in your senator is under investigation for fraud, but he scratches on the most money for your state, then any other State of the Union. Aussie land is a great place, but all drive on the wrong side of the road. Did you know? When they go down the road that looks like a passenger without a driver …. jeeps !….. Australia is beautiful and the people talk funny. I would look at each option before deciding …. Call some travel agents and get the scoop ….. ok.? do what say! I am the boss! ja, ja edition, there are seven women for every man, in Alaska (if any difference)

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