Alaska Student Loan

June 20, 2008 11:22 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska student loan
Teaching in Alaska?

I have a degree in instrumental music education. I'm going to graduate school, but after that, I think about teaching in Alaska for a few years. My uncle who lives in Anchorage told me about the need for teachers, especially in that of Bush. He said Some districts will pay a sign on bonus and will help pay off your student loans. It is correct? If so, where I can get more information? I found links about education in Alaska, but could not find information on the sign on bonus or payment of student loans. Also, if there anyone here who teaches there, or have ever taught there, what was your experience? Did you like? Is it worth it? honest feedback be nice. I'm an adventurer, of course, independent, and flexible person. I am sure that these qualities would help me to succeed there. In any case, I love to hear comments about what it means to teach there. There are other states that could help pay student loans? Any information is appreciated!

I taught at the Bush administration, in Deering, a village near the Arctic Circle. Deering about 150 people, and no roads in or out. I kind of liked teaching there. In most schools, teachers have five classes of 30 students each. How can you meet 150 students? In that Deering had all the high school and high school students, a total of about 24. (The number fluctuated a bit, as some students move between relatives and between people.) After growing up in New York, it was kind of nice to live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and you can walk anywhere in 15 minutes. Things are less formal, and is considered OK to fall just in people. There were some problems too. The heater was broken in -25 degrees and spent several days before nobody could fix it. The electricity goes out regularly and heaters need electricity to run. Choose foods in the grocery store in a fairly limited. The system sewer was broken for a while, and people ran out of water for a few weeks. They do not pay student loans. They have an excess of movement, which is less than the cost of airfare to get there.

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