Alaska State Jobs

March 21, 2008 7:55 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska state jobs
fishing jobs in Alaska, right?

Hi, I'm George and I recently was granted permanent U.S. residence and now I'm looking for opportunity to visit other states in the U.S. and make ma life. Now, I heard other people little people big money working in the fishing industry can do and in no time. It is the first time I hear this and like some other peple to shed some light on some questions I have. First, it is easy to get a job fishing even if you have no experience at all? Furthermore, it is extremelly dangerous or stressful job that is so well paid? Or is it just the cold that makes everyone will work in Alaska? Well, it could be many more questions answered before I would consider going there and finding a job, but above are sufficient qs for now. Rerally I would appreciate if someone can respond or share their experiences. Thanks and have a good idea.

The fishing season is short, but it is extremely dangerous, with very long hours.

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