Alaska Salmon Fishing Vacation

November 12, 2007 8:48 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska salmon fishing vacation
Will Bank of America to seize the house, too?

GALVESTON – The owner of West End property sued Bank of America Corp., the statement their mistake, the officers seized a holiday home that has free and clear, but changed the locks and turn the power off, resulting in the stripping smelly approximately 75 pounds of salmon and halibut fishing trip in Alaska and other damage. Dr. Alan Schroit filed the suit Monday in the 122nd State District Court in Galveston against the bank that does not have a relationship or a mortgage. Schroit, a retired professor at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, is suing the illegal invasion home in the 4100 block of Green Heron Drive in West Pointe subdivision. Although banks have mortgages, seems happily latch lock doors and citizens throw out during the winter.

That's a lot of salmon. Liberal ass Kicker – Have you read the foregoing idiot? this type of property Open House also

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