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October 27, 2008 11:40 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska real estate
I have a question about real estate and lot size in Alaska?

Someone who lives in Alaska or sell real estate in Alaska could help this question. I live in Florida, but I am considering moving to Alaska (well – sounds weird, but let's continue.) I'm looking at houses on in the vicinity of Anchorage. It seems like even in cities such as Eagle River and Willow, lot size is small. I currently live on an acre and all lots in my neighborhood are 1 acre. A great deal quarter-acre is about the smallest we've got here. But the suburban properties of Alaska have much smaller lots – 1/10th of an acre – something well. So – I guess I'm missing something here. There must be good reason for it. Or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Because I have little / no knowledge of the real properties of Alaska, I'm looking for some help. Thanks!

In Anchorage and the immediate surrounding areas of the lot size is so small because the city literally has no other place to build. The area is surrounded by mountains and water so the only way to build more homes to reduce the size the lot.

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