Alaska Real Estate Sales

April 9, 2009 10:38 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska real estate sales

Eagle River Real Estate

Eagle River is located in the municipality of Anchorage in the U.S. state of Alaska and is in the region between Chugach State Park and Fort Richardson. It derives its name from its location along the Eagle River. If the city has not been a part of the Municipality of Anchorage, would certainly appear in the top five largest cities in the state.

Life in Eagle River has witnessed a drastic change in the last decade and this has been largely extent influenced by the development of local services. These include the development of educational institutions such as the Eagle River High School and Chugiak High School. The city is host annual events such as Highland Games, held every year throughout the month of June.

Eagle River is in the context of picturesque mountains and therefore the center of activities in the exploration of the mountains, hiking, rafting, and skiing. The Crow Pass trail that is located at a distance of 26 miles from Eagle River Nature Center is a favorite destination for backpackers.

The average list price for homes for sale in Eagle River was $ 365,790 for the first week of January. The graph of average sale price rose significantly over the last couple of weeks in December 2009 and has declined slightly from that point. Price average sales of homes for sale in Eagle River hovered around $ 330,000 in the time period from September 2009 until November 2009.

Investing the Eagle River real estate properties are expected beneficial results. As a scenic destination, the number of tourists coming down to the city is also considerably high. So even if you're not really sure you want to settle in the city full-time you can also invest in property and rent as vacation properties. Whether a single family home, apartment, or even a ranch, Royal Eagle River property has it all. There are a number of neighborhoods and you can choose one that suits your preference. Some residential areas in Eagle River to Birch Park, Targhee Loop, Shumagin, Cir Park City, Dr. Delores, and Mendocino.

All you need to locate the right property is to seek the help of a professional real agent roots in the city. Search the Internet meet with the contact details for local real estate agent who has a deep knowledge of local market and is also aware fluctuations. It also can guide you with financing options as well. Come and enjoy the Eagle River for you to truly understand its beauty.

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Cindy Wilson has built up a reputation as a real estate agent for the state of Alaska. The customers can relate to her easily as she is always there, willing to help her clients take the most important decision of their lives. Whether it is for investing in a property or buying a home in order to move in, Cindy Wilson can serve all your Eagle River real estate needs admirably. She is there every step of the way and the entire exercise of buying a home is made particularly smooth if you have her on your side. Find more of writings on my Blog.

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