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Kyani New Kid on the Block

Two very prominent families invested in Kyani is that of Hansen and Taylor. Taylor's family has a very successful business, raising more than $ 350 million dollars a year on their products, Idaho Potatoes. The Taylor's were happy to contribute U.S. $ 300 million to Kyani, because they believed in Both the product. Hansen from the oil business. As you are all well aware, the oil business is a good business to be involved, especially with these high gas prices and costly. The Hansen family, of course, are richer, with a handsome income. When Kyani product and compensation plan was submitted to these families, who were on board immediately.

Kyani is the new kid on the block, and the company is growing rapidly. Kyani is based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Founded in 2005, Kyani invested over $ 300 million before opening its doors which is considered the most secure launch in the history of MLM. With this great financial support, Kyani has been set to endure the long term.

target = "_blank" title = "Press Release"> What is Kyani?

You may have heard, Noni Mona Vie, and many other products that are in health and wellness market. Well, there's nothing Kyani as any of these products because Kyani was created to make healthier, richer, and well within reach of the Joes "average" portfolio. Make this product very cost is enormous, especially in this current recession. Kyani is the only industry that can actually prove.

Highly respected Dr. Maureen McKenzie, spent over 10 years studying the Indians and Alaska in the hope of discovering the secret that keeps these people for the most part disease free. The function incredible immune and cardiovascular function of these native people underestimated produced two proven facts:

1. A high intake of Omega-3 can create a environment for your cardiovascular and heart function to achieve their optimum potential.

2. The higher your level the stronger antioxidant cellular structure can work.

The diet of indigenous peoples also came to include two of the super food power, Alaskan sockeye and Wild Alaska blueberries.

The antioxidant super-blend Kyani Sunrise is different in the fact that it contains these berries. Dr. Steven Pratt, author of Super A Foods RX, said: "I tell my patients that blueberries are one of the three major super-foods, along with spinach and salmon. If you learn nothing else of Super A Foods Rx, remember to eat blueberries and spinach and salmon most days … these three foods alone will change your life and health. "Bilberry is well known for being the leader of fruits rich in antioxidants. But all that changed with the discovery of the Alaska Wild Blueberry.

The wild blueberry Alaska has become a very diverse temperature. With two freezes, blizzards, and up to 3 months of continuous sunlight Alaska wild blueberry survive in a truly arduous. By adjusting the thickness of your skin to withstand these harsh natural pressures, this miracle berry has survived through centuries of incredibly difficult circumstances. Also is a well known fact that the skin of berries and fruits in general contain up to 70% or more of the actual nutrient content. The skin of the berry is almost 10 times thicker than his cousin we are familiar with national scores in our supermarkets. It is there for easy to assume that the antioxidant content is nearly 10 times the national average blueberry too. Science has been able to demonstrate that it is a fact.

Kyani is one of the best business opportunities available today. Why Why? Because, Kyani is underway, and people who join this amazing business have a very good chance of becoming very successful. As stated before of Kyani is the "new kid on the" Block, and ready to compete with well-established companies Xango, Mona Vie, Herbalife, Noni. The best time to join now, when the company is young. Kyani not surprise me to see before a football shirt in the near future. Does David Beckham plays, he sports Herbalife logo on his uniform Galaxy.

Paul Zane Pilzer, economist and academic, has predicted trend after trend on the basis of generations "Baby Boomers" needs and desires. For example, when the Baby Boomer generation was born, companies like Gerber and Pampers inflation in million dollar companies. Remember that the real estate boom? The baby boomers have been responsible for all major economic trends of the Americas have been felt in the past 65 years. Paul Zane Pilzer predicts that the next big trend is in health and wellness. This is an industry that moves 300 billion U.S. dollars which has forecast growth of an extra $ $ 700 billion over the next five years. But why? Well, the baby boomers are now retiring and changing their lifestyles and activities. I do not feel old, want to feel young and enjoy the money they spent all their lives to win. The trend is there and growing.

target = "_blank" title = ""> The Plan Kyani Compansation

The Kyani Compensation Plan is like no another. To appreciate the difference between Kyani and all other companies in the market, you must first understand what differentiates Kyani so far.

• Do not carry Break (You never lose a leg, always)
100% * Matching Controls Any personally sponsored Distributor (not 50% to the lower leg as well as our pride Competitors)
• 3 x 7 forced matrix (just need to find 3, NP growth Snowball Down The Line)
· Bonds incomparable (make money immediately)
· Minimum 3.5% of the Commission at all levels (for life)
· Drinks leveling (Your business never stops growing)
Land of Opportunities ° Piso (Read)
* Support beaten (to its line Loves You)

Kyani is in what is known as a plant low. This business came to California in August 2007. This business was international in May 2008 to over 40 countries worldwide. In essence, the space for growth potential in a "baby" company with the most incredible product ever hit the market is evident. Unlike its competitors, Kyani was created to allow their dealers to real money.

Kyani uses sample bottles to market its product. Unlike its competitors that require you to buy the product before they try, they are so sure of their eight days sample bottle to ensure a dramatic effect during and after the sampling period. The ability to earn a 100% matching checks is actually the most important aspect of your business plan. By matching checks, a distributor need not be a superstar, but you can go out and find superstars and become incredibly rich.

Nor is there any sign of "up" cost or purchase a home in bulk. The Kyani distributor need not stock the product in your home or office, the fully integrated system allows orders for a customer or supplier for all your product months without the independent distributor who need a "home" of the product. Kyani distributors only need to purchase a starter kit up the value of $ 600.00 including:

• 12 sample bottles
• 6 32 oz Bottles Sunrise
• 2 bottles of 90 capsules Sunset
Sun · Output 1 oz Travel Packages
· All Learning Materials
· DVD presentation for
Brochures · Catalogues, ETC
° and a zip folders Professional Planning
· Website and professional email address

When one considers the fact that most companies require you to pay a startup fee anywhere between $ 120.00 to $ 1,500.00. Once this fee is paid, the distributor receives a number and a piece of paper. Kyani is a real business, a real opportunity, and does not require you to pay a fee. Apart from that, most companies also require you Bulk purchase order each month to continue their active participation in business. Kyani only requires you and your spouse purchase the minimum product for you really takes itself.

The Sunrise 32 oz bottles are usually sold anywhere between $ 55.00 and $ 75.00, the samples are sold actually, sometimes up to $ 15.00 each, Sunset bottles sell for $ 55.00 to $ 75.00 as well. Travel packages sell for around $ 5.00 ea Package of Kyani boot was designed to allow a new distributor to make money quickly (usually within two weeks following receipt of the product), providing a launch pad for the new distributor to "throw" their business. Kyani has distributors in mind, they have to become millionaires Kyani to succeed.

Kyani also gives incredible bonuses. For the first 3 distributors, you receive $ 25.00 each. You also receive $ 25.00 per person to the first three have their three. At this point, you hit the level of director. In his new director sign up bonus jumps to $ 25.00 to $ 100.00 per person. Not only that, if struck the director within the first 30 days you will receive and additional control $ 500.00 bonus. In essence, new distributors can easily double their money in the first month of activity. But it gets better. As you gain more distributors, which even higher level and increase premiums. The second level of Director is the executive level. At this level Kyani Leases a brand new Cadillac Escalade for two years, pay insurance, pay maintenance, vinyl ad placed in the back windows with your logo and your phone number and then gives the vehicle for you. All that is required of the executive is to put gas in your Escalade.

System Kyani support is also unmatched. Whether on the computer, by phone or through a DVD player, the support system virtually guarantees success Kyani of their new distributors. Not everyone can speak at a public hearing, but the up-line Kyani has speakers who can present session for you. There are conference rooms, buildings offices and homes across the country hosting the Kyani speakers. The testimonies of Kyani distributor receives are so varied that distance and not enough space to start the list of ailments that has been cured. Whether speaking, marketing, or general business support, there is no other company as well equipped as Kyani. also shows evidence that other companies are actually losing Kyani distributors on a daily basis.

The business has attracted Kyai Doctors, Nurses, Managers Real Estate, Insurance Agents, Lawyers, and an astonishing number of other professionals. This opportunity is so new that the chances of having a single distributor in your state or country are very slim. Kyani owns the licensing for the use of these Alaskan wild blueberries, so domestically. The trends are real, The business is designed to make money, and time is now. Do not you regret this opportunity to take another, you could be the top of the line today.

Mona Vie, Herbalife, Noni, and Xango, are well respected and established. Now is the Time Kyani, even at ground level, ready for takeoff.

It is a very simple formula that can be duplicated by anyone who enters the business. This business model is supposed to take all the things that are preventing the average person of success, out of the equation.

San Fernando Gonzalez Aldo Ca, young entrepreneur recently joined forces with Kyani. Aldo was discovered as a sophisticated that takes the stress away of running a business of network marketing.

Learn more about Kyani at: target = "_new">

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