Alaska Rainbow Fishing

December 19, 2009 2:27 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska rainbow fishing

Kenai River Fishing

Kenai River fishing is one of the most popular sports in Alaska, where fishing as a hobby, is held every year in a big level. Each year there clues to the Kenai salmon fishing, salmon are king salmon, silver salmon, sockeye and pink salmon. Two tracks are for king salmon, silver salmon, sockeye and pink salmon additional one. There is also a world record for catching king salmon Kenai River actually weights about 44 kilograms.

The Kenai is also home to rare species of fish such as rainbow trout and trophy size Varden Dolly. These are beautiful fish found only in the Kenai River in Alaska. The "Lower Kenai" is known for its operation and the size of King Salmon. Other Salmon runs during different parts of the year, such as silver salmon runs occur in early August and late September. Red Salmon are running in late June and late July and Pink salmon runs occur in pairs years alone.

Use different salmon and admired for different purposes. The need fishing for salmon is also different. For example, a silver is admired for its size and brightness, the Reds are regarded as the premier salmon to eat, canning, smoking etc. not only fish, Kenai is also known by other animals such as moose, bear and many species of birds, whales, etc.

Fishing at Kenai River is vibrant, some people like the beautiful colors of fish and some eat to satisfy their needs. To find more information on fishing and races fish, refer to Alaska Fishing Guide Kenai River Fishing Guide.

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