Alaska Pipeline Security Jobs

June 18, 2009 12:54 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska pipeline security jobs
How I can get a job in security of the pipeline in Alaska?

I know that my father worked for one in Alaska in 1975 and did more or less $ 15/hour and I want to go there to save money for collage can someone please help me, may be a site, or any information, thanks

The Alaska pipeline is operated by the Company Pipeline Aleyska. They outsource many of their lower employment (as security) to companies such as Wackenhut and Pinkerton. However, a larger question is bigger and why would want to go "security" jobs. Think big. The oil field people need and since then his father started in 1975. Here is the link to all job offers Aleyska. Http: / / It's amazing what is located there and what the pay is. Go there and find out for yourself. One caveat is that many of the best paying jobs are non-union certified …. for better or for worse. Another option would be to Texas. The Texas Workforce Commission is of the highest state agency that I found. They publish all jobs in the state and there is a huge number of energy industry jobs. Just drive through the I-10 from Louisiana to Texas and check out all the billboards. Here is their website. Good luck! Http: / /

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