Alaska Photo

October 25, 2009 1:01 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska photo
Any Democrats here think you can not see Russia from Alaska?

Many quote Sarah Palin, as saying "I can see Russia from my house. "She actually said you could see Russia from parts of Alaska. And he can see Russia from Alaska. Diomede Island Great of Russia and Little Diomede Island, in Alaska are less than 3 miles away, so if you are standing in one you can see the other. Click here for a geography lesson and photos of the views of Alaska: For the record, not to vote for our President Marxist. My point was that she lied when she said she could see Russia from Alaska. This has nothing to do with external relations. Perhaps all liberals should look at the transcript instead of just what the ABC broadcast.

Yes, when I heard what you said, I looked on Google Earth. The fact that he was ridiculed in the press in Europe made us wonder if Americans know their country is located. Apparently not.

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