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December 31, 2008 9:58 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska one stop travel
"The Canadian" Vancouver – Toronto?

I will be backpacking around 5 weeks on the west coast of Canada and Alaska during May, I'm flying back to Europe on June 09 Toronto, so I thought I would see a bit of central Canada in the meantime. Only one thing can not find anywhere (VIA Rail website, travel wiki, yahoo answers etc.) If you buy a "Supersaver ticket, this ticket is a one-stop tour no, or you can leave for a night, for example in Jasper or Winnipeg? I do not want to use the train elsewhere in Canada (mostly self-stop) not looking forward to the Canrailpass $ 750 Thanks! Ok, thanks! that's too bad, however, I will take my time & trouble seeing other things Jasper in the Rocky Mountains, is not sure to spend all that money on a train journey:)

nonstop, nonstop and takes 3 days and 9 hours to complete, I've done, and surprisingly so does the Greyhound bus.

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