Alaska Mountain Running

January 21, 2009 7:58 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska mountain running

1.Containing countries are in North America? 2.Why to Latin American Geographers separate study U.S. and Canada? 3.Why North America was once an isolated continent? 4.What are the names of the oceans surrounding North America 5.Why? did people begin to move to North America 6.How? Sacagawea did help explorers? 7.How are the regions of the United States and Canada alike? 8.What mountains run along the west coast of North America from Alaska to Mexico? 9.How have natural processes as North America? 10.How does a change of land forms glacier? 11.What 's a river system? 12.How does a river system?

1. Canada (Mexico is considered to be in Middle America) 2. It is basically Desert 3. Nobody had boats to cross the great oceans. 4. Pacific, Atlantic, Carri bean, the Arctic in May. They followed the game through the Strait Taking during the ice age. In addition, the North came from Asia in boats (ocean canoes) along the exposed land masses on the southern coast of California to form the great empires of the Aztecs, Inca and Olmec. (Although some believe that the people of Egypt may have crossed the oceans and migrated to this area. The pyramids in America South Laos resemble those of more than the Egyptian, however. Therefore, it is likely incorrect.) 6. He was a translator 7. Time zones are nearly equal. 8. Mountains Rocky 9. Plate tectonics formed the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada and possibly the Smoky Mountains in N. Carolina ALSO glaciers carved in large plains from the east of the Rocky Mountains through the valley of the Ohio River. That is why the land is so fertile. 10. It creates the fertile soil and rainwater. The pluvials become lakes, which is the origin of the Great Lakes. The glaciers of the earth to carve. They are very heavy and move very slowly and very deeply .. 11. It is a network of rivers that flow into a larger system. The Mississippi is the longest river in North America. Most rivers in the east of the Rockys and West of the flow of smoke in it. That's what the glaciers did. 12. Below the earth is the system as a giant sponge formations containing rainwater. These aquafiers, as they are called, providing the soil with moisture. Water, rain, is absorbed by the earth and are "absorbed" by these aquafiers. The over flow down streams and rivers. The planet is alive. Rivers are the veins and blood is water. The river flows into the ocean. There is evaporated by the sun's energy. Then how the clouds, the clouds are in the jet stream, and move towards the interior, from west to east. Then back to rain, water penetrates the earth and the overflow goes into rivers and lakes, and eventually into oceans.

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