Alaska Maps Topographic

July 13, 2008 10:09 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska maps topographic

What is a topographic map? Who uses the maps topopgraphic and why are they useful? What is a contour interval? & I have all the answers to each question, but I'm just tryna do me and I made a topographic map of a mountain in Alaska mt [. mckinely and ask] lake to help someone in due 2marrow-_-

A topographic map is a map type is characterized by large-scale detail representation quantity of relief, usually using contour lines in modern mapping, but historically, using a variety of methods. Traditional definitions require a topographic map to show natural and man, both characteristics. The Canadian Centre for Topographic Information provides this definition to a topographic map: [1] A topographic map is an accurate and detailed graphical representation of the cultural and natural features on the ground. Other authors define topographic maps by contrast with other types of map, but differ from those of smaller-scale "chorographic maps" that cover large regions, [2] [3] "planimetric" not show elevations, [4] and "thematic maps" that focus on specific topics. [5] However, in the vernacular and the everyday world the representation of relief (contours) is popularly held to define the genre, such that even small-scale maps showing relief are commonly (And erroneously, in the technical sense) called "topographic." [3] The study or discipline of topography, while interested in relief is actually a much broader field of study that takes into account all natural and manmade terrain features. Contour interval is the real change in elevation represented by the space between two adjacent topographic "rings". For example, if a contour interval of 20 feet, each survey line on the map represents go either up or down by 20 feet high (and sometimes it's hard to say which). For convenience, many cartographers include numbers in four or five lines to tell what the elevation is represented by that line. Many governments and private publishers used the work of art (especially curves level) of the existing topographic map sheets as the basis of their own.

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