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December 22, 2007 11:22 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska loans
curruption McCain-Keeting-Savings/Loan, Todd Palin, Alaskan separatist, Sarah Palin-Troopergate Does it matter?

Is it important that these people are involved in these scandals?

Yes I do. I do not like the double standard. The right always throw in the dirt, lies and rumors about Obama, but never say anything about McCain bones in the closets. Palin is new on the scene and already has scandals. Palin has a weird witchcraft pastor. I do not see Fox News clips play his pastor and again for two weeks. The right is always trying to downplay scandals and make a big problem on the right. Let's be fair and adults. Mal is wrong and right is right. This shows Palin-McCain is not a change but everything remains the same. They are falling in the polls so return to the political gutter. I think that Palin-McCain are very divisive. Opening Ayers etc who are trying to divert attention from the economic disasters. IMO his campaign also has a racial tinge. McCain / GOP is trying to portray Obama as an UnAmerican and not us. So in America has to be white to be considered American? I find it very offensive. (=

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