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January 12, 2009 1:03 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska legal services
Bush is allowing oil companies to drill in the Arctic and polar bears killing – anything I can do?

From an article: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued regulations this week legal protection to seven oil companies planning to search for oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea, off the northwest coast of Alaska. Polar bears or Pacific walruses are seriously harmed by the activities of oil companies in next five years. About 2,500 of the 20,000 polar bears in the Arctic live in and around the Chukchi Sea. The Bush administration gave the oil companies a blank check to harass the polar bear and eventually wipe them out of the earth. Anything I can do to help? I feel so sad about this.

Well, first of all, you seem to have a lot of misinformation. Lets together if they dissipate? Nobody in this country, but the oil companies provide their fuel heating oil, gasoline, motor oil, jet fuel, etc. .. Why are you complaining about what oil companies are doing when 're the only one doing it? Government has never produced anything and probably never will. Secondly, 75% of polar bears live in Canada, and the present its population has more than doubled since 1974, so please .. stop talking about polar bears … are not poor, they do not deserve to be on the endangered species list of extinction and are drowning. As for how they made …. ask the caribou. Enviro moaned whacko in the same line when they wanted to build the pipeline Alaska, but they were wrong, and caribou, are doing just fine. If the location of your concern, After Hurricane Katrina there were 100 rigs damaged oil but not one caused an environmental incident. This demonstrates the safety of oil rigs and how well they are made. So What are the oil companies are supposed to do? They are selling a product that has sunk many many millions of dollars on search, find, reach with the team pull it off the ground, refine it and make the place where the consumer will use. Not obliged to use the gas, but complain that the price is high and where oil drilling companies? What's to blame his democratically controlled Congress to play with the economy, not doing the work of the people and be the main Because of high prices? Bill Clinton himself veto'd the extent that will allow companies drilling and refinery construction. If we could be drilling of our coast 80 miles south, as China is for our own oil, which woulcn't less dependent on foreign oil. If we build more refineries, we wouldn 'Thava import 13% of our refined gass … when not used to import any. Companies know where oil, but Congress would allow drilling there ….. not due to any reasonable fear of eco-disaster, but due to fear for his political future, for fear to Enviro whacko could speak out against them, for fear that they will not get money and contributions from special interest groups. You can not do a thing, but climbing the band wagon these monsters of Enviro-and add your voice to theirs … but I'm hoping the above facts are brought up a bit before they make you laugh out a stalk of all whiners crying over polar bears, his has been the absolute unfounded and stupid. (Based on evidence and facts, of course).

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