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January 20, 2010 12:23 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska lawyer
I wonder what the mood was like at the RNC, when it was announced that Palin has hired a lawyer?

To Troopergate … "The Delegates had been installed just in their seats when it was revealed an attorney was hired to represent the Alaska governor in an investigation his dismissal of the state public safety commissioner. Disclosure other personal, not political – the pregnancy of her first year of age, unmarried daughter, 17. Http:// Sounds like things are a good start.

A choir said "Dang frivolous lawsuits." Fred Thompson, can be your advocate, he is good at them.

The Biggest Damned Hat: Tales from Alaska's Territorial Lawyers and Judges

The Biggest Damned Hat: Tales from Alaska’s Territorial Lawyers and Judges


Alaska history from the days before statehood is rich in stories of colorful characters—prospectors, settlers, heroes, and criminals. And right alongside them were judges and lawyers, working first to establish the rule of law in the territory, then, later, laying the groundwork for statehood.  The Biggest Damned Hat presents a fascinating collection of stories ranging from the gold rush to the…

Alaska or Bust

Alaska or Bust


 A collection of stories from the far north, some humorous and some moving, Alaska or Bust takes the reader on a sub-arctic journey, where the landscape is not only larger-than-life but where people live life on the edge – Giorgio, an Italian  tourist cycling up the Alaska Highway, gets mauled by a bear; Chuck, a street-wise city dog, becomes lost in the wilds of Alaska; a vaudeville performer i…

Baby's First Felony (A Cecil Younger Investigation)

Baby’s First Felony (A Cecil Younger Investigation)


Shamus Award–winner John Straley returns to his critically acclaimed Cecil Younger detective series, set in Sitka, Alaska, a land of perfect beauty and not-so-perfect locals.Criminal defense investigator Cecil Younger spends his days coaching would-be felons on how to avoid incriminating themselves. He even likes most of the rough characters who seek his services. So when Sherrie, a returning cl…

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