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October 22, 2008 12:40 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska kayaking
Any travel advice for my June trip to Alaska?

Kenai Dave gave good advice last year and no one is welcome to chip in. I'm taking my mother 70 years of age to AK in June, just left a pretty physical. I was in AK in 2003. I have plane tickets. It might be possible to adjust the days of trip, but for now: Arrival Mon ANC 1230 AM, pick up rental cars, going to sleep. Date of travel of the day, Saturday 1 pm Leave ANC, 19:00 ARV Barrow, subsistence 23 hours, stop NYC Sun 18:20. My needs: a trip to Denali National Park of 1.5-2 days. 1.5 days in Seward for the tour fjord (last time I was in Seward our ship turned back due to the waves of the sea, I really want to see a Fjord tour well. Valdez I going to place and keep as a backup in case) Orig provided on the disc to Fairbanks / Chena Hot Springs en route to the Arctic Circle but with the flight to BRW, the long journey north makes no sense. some activities Mom: sea kayaking, lazy rafting, hiking light, a lot of driving.

The details of your itinerary allows more detailed observations. Insecure if you are defeated by Seattle, but if so, you certainly want window seats on the east side of the plane (F + E coming north, A + B to the south) – that is where the views are good. For travel from east to west, I like the north side because the sun is in your eyes and the landscape looks better with the sun behind you rather searching in the mist. (And in winter, you may see the aurora to the north). ANC-BRW To sit on the west side of the airplane that "the mountain" (Denali) is out. In Barrow, of course, be continuous light. I found the natives very friendly (which probably helped that gave medical attention to a man into convulsions and helped to divide the bowhead whale on the beach). Consider making a trip to Point Barrow north of the city – there was someone with an offer Hummer tours 10 years ago. If birders, check web sites of the rare things that you can see, and almost anywhere else. Spend some time walking the dusty roads the city. Caribou and fish drying on the grid, cars and snowmobiles decrypts covered with blue tarps, wooden huts and houses – the scene of Alaska people. While in Seward, 2-3 hours for the Marine Center, a modern law aquarium very good in the water. The main street of the city is very walkable (in a good day). The day cruise is a great idea, hope that better weather this time. A letter Greenland leaves early and comes back about 1-3 hours, so that most of a day there. Also needed at least one night on the town after its capture get get frozen for home delivery (if you check in baggage). Definitely stop at Exit Glacier a few miles north of the city, about 6-7 miles along a side road west of the Seward Highway. An easy walk of a mile to the base of the glacier. If want an uphill climb, you can continue to ignore or at the glacier. From the parking / visitor s center, you can often see mountain goats on the hillside above. (You can also sometimes see from the cruise ship). Definitely go to Denali, make reservations for the bus park in advance. This is how you see life wild – on the bus. Bring binoculars, camera and lunch. The visitor center is not good. On the afternoon / campfire programs. Figure about 4-5 hours Anchorage to Denali NP. Keep your eyes on the horizon in the case of the mountain is out. Just outside the park there are a couple of teams that offer river rafting Nanana. Provided waterproof rain jackets. They stay out of the raw material, because a boat capsized in the cold water would be a problem, so it's a fun ride, but no fear. Another option in a slightly warmer a float trip on the Kenai River Cooper Landing (an hour of Seward). Sea kayaks can be rented Homer and Seward or Whittier. I would do with his time of Seward, who are already there and the landscape is a good immediately. In Whittier, the best scenario is more in Prince William Sound and is an hour away by water taxi. In Homer you want to get across Kachemak Bay (Mako's Water Taxi is good), but one more hour and $ 30 each. In Anchorage, I'd recommend (in order): Native Cultural Center (2-3 hours) to the northeast of the city on the way north), The Center for Art and History Museum (1-2 hours) and, perhaps, the Anchorage Zoo (AFTER tour of the state, you could see he had lost any creatures in nature). Between ANC and Seward, Girdwood has rides summer tram up the mountain (a ski resort in winter) and "Double Musky is a very nice restaurant between the highway and ski resort. ANC 35 miles Portage Glacier is a simple quick stop at the boom head Turnagin, 45 mintues of the ANC. If you want a meal with Seward and Girdwood Summit Lodge left at about mile post 80 in a superb setting in a mountain lake. Sounds like your mother is in decent shape. A pleasant Cooper Landing hike is the Russian River Falls Trail. It is 1.5 miles in a very substanial path slightly uphill to an overlook of the falls (a cascade, actually) where salmon are fighting their way upstream. Only a few will be in June, but worth looking for (the Reds arrive in July and August). Fairbanks has some rides nice too, but I agree with just one week, have a nice set of destinations and also covers yourself thin. Have a bon voyage.

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