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June 26, 2009 1:54 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska job service
How I can find out what I do with my life?

It's like I'm being pulled between two things. I love to travel. In his youth traveled around, met different people. It was my dog and me and everyone. I was free to do whatever I wanted. I loved it. Now, I'm struggling between two things in my life: 1. Get a degree in journalism, learn to fly. Get a job as a pilot in Alaska. Study on the grass, in my spare time, and just train my dog. Meet people and write about life. 2. Go get my four-year degree in administrative matters. Join the Marines as a pilot. Continue to train dogs. Then, when I leave after 8 years, are set in the north. I want to join the civil because I have something to prove to myself, and I think that would be amazing to fly. I know this would be the responsible thing to do. However, I am afraid I would lose that feeling inside for FREE. I have 23. I have not a long time. What is what I get. Why am I strugging between the responsibility to do and fun tips.?

Dear Kate M Here's a tip, and I'll break my own rules and talk about myself for a second. I hate when people relate their own experiences, because sittuations not everyones is the same and my advice is not to be relevant for sittuation, but I wish someone had given me a bit of advice in my life and some words of encouragement. Here goes … I have 33 years. I've been confused about of what my whole life and nothing puts more pressure on a person having to choose a direction in life. We have this idea that we must choose a path, stick with him to succeed, have direction and be sure not to take wrong decisions. There is nothing wrong with you. You have a lot of passion in his life by the sound it, a lot of things you want to do everything at once. This can be confusing. The first thing you have to do is to head the idea that time is running out. Do you have 23 years! Sheez! The whole world is still going to unfold before you! Things you have not even considered! Do not look too far ahead in this life, who will miss what is happening in the present! Focus on now. You have no control over the future. It seems as if an intelligent and motivated person and no matter what is going to make decisions right at the end of the day. You just need a little direction, a map of where to go. You say you're afraid of losing that "free" feeling inside. At some point in our lives we all go through this. It's called growth. As you adjust to this reality that has to be more responsible and leave behind the days of youth and care-free teens, it can instill some fear and anxiety. It puts enormous pressure on a person to make sense, to become something they are not familiar. You definitely have two personalities in itself that are very different: One seeks adventure and free enterprise, the other is a regimented, disciplined team. Do you have 23 years? I love to travel! I dreamed of being a pilot all my life and I just recently started studying flying. I wanted to go to the Air Force, but my notes in school were not good enough. I became a paramedic in place. Now I am burned and that the race is over. I have a family and two kids! Still I do not know what I do! I have the hope of becoming a commercial pilot yet! I will be 35 or something, but hey! Life is the best story and adventure you will forever! Focus on one thing and get a goal, then the next step. This will ensure you achieve the things you want. Note a goal. Have a plan. Go see a professional counselor, agree to the personality test free web Jungs, get some professional advice. Do now, however, to appease the many racing thoughts in your head that you are making confusing. The truth is that change over time as humans. Our thoughts. Our goals. Our needs. Our desires. This is normal. Flying will take you wherever you go. It is the ultimate adventure. I can not tell you what to do. No one can. Only you can do that. Just slow down, do not rush. You have a lot of time. Only slower. Do one thing at a time. There is a magic answer for exactly what to do, but do what you love. Do what you enjoy. There is nothing worse than doing a job that does not like. Kill your spirit. Choose the route you will the most fun in. make you happy, and happiness is the best in the land. Go see a counselor! Good luck with your journey! Listen to the song by Baz Luhrmann call protection solar. These are words that need to hear. Good luck:)

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