Alaska Job Listing

April 3, 2008 3:26 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska job listing
Join a group of people who want to get paid, untaxed, as in Alaska and allows you to join is not being charged!? / docs / oilrent Alaska oilrent Shows are paid and not get taxed by the State. If you want us to pay taxes rather than unite. Sends a message to Washington that we are tired of them wasteing our taxes and put them to work. Lets get all Americans pay taxes and no. This works for Alaska to can work with us too! Join and be in the duties are paid and imposing no. Here in the 48 states is not worth less than those of Alaska. We deserve each benefit life has to offer. When enough people join DC will pay the head. His works are in the line. We know you want to keep your posts work. So let's make them work for him for a change. Join allows a large list as DC is afraid not to act as we wish. Lets get paid is not taxed as in Alaska! Http: / / / ourgovernmentwastestaxesletsgetpaidandnottaxed the end this should be no spaces, our waste can collect government taxes and untaxed

good luck with that …. you know, there's always a counter. Like free health care in Canada = extremely high taxes. It would only be same here. Less or no taxes will be equal to something else. I am sure that is something that is matched in Alaska. There has to be. Be careful what you wish. I do not really have too bad you know. We complain about gas prices … but … comparative gas prices in the states is very good compared to Europe … some places more than $ 7 per gallon. Leave it like it is …. really not that bad.

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