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December 3, 2009 10:28 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska insurance travel
Should I travel or get an apartment and settle down?

So here's the question. I've been riding for some years now, but I always go back to work in Alaska in the summer. I have the opportunity to go on a cruise to Asia and then was thinking about heading to Australia and hanging out there for winter. My other option is staying in Alaska, or any other city I chose, and get an apartment and a job. The advantage of the latter is stability – a home, work, insurance, etc so I really do not know what to choose!

His age will probably determine my answer. If you are young, he says, was as much of the world and visit as many places as possible. I'm sure you know by now, seeing how other people live and other meetings gives a great perspective on life. It will help immensely later in life. Now, if you're getting up there in age, say over 28. But again not for me to say, that's all your choice. You'll have to start a career and settle out. Try to decide what we do with your life. Then once you decide that you might want to go to college or start getting experience in their field. I do not want to be 30 and working at Starbucks and not pay the beauty or a house right? You'll definitely have regrets later if you do.

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