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March 20, 2009 7:26 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska inn
Is there a double standard in the media?

David Letterman made the comment that Alex Rodriguez left the governor pregnant Sarah Alaskan Palin's daughter in the seventh inning stretch of Yankees baseball. CBS defends Letterman first amendment right to free expression. Question: If Letterman had made a similar comment regarding questionable daughters of President Obama, that CBS have backed their right to say what he thinks? Just suppose he was referring to Bristol Palin as Governor Palin's other daughters are minors.

Sure, I've heard completely and any trash Palin another person who defies the great hope, but let someone say something against one of the girls from Obama or Bidens grown thugs to the case and would be the first page screaming and pulling hair. Very double standard, very biased. What about Letterman's Palin should have done all the people of any moral to send a letter to CBS and Letterman, but instead receive five years as high school bully. Very sad PS I sent a letter of complaint.

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