Alaska Home Rental Vacation

July 8, 2009 10:04 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska home rental vacation
When my conventional reception?

My girlfriend and I are married in Alaska in June and spending two weeks in Alaska since then (only he and I). We are planning to have a reception soon after to celebrate with family and friends. We want to have the reception in a village about 4 hours from us (in the town where most of our family / friends are), and have family / friends who come from out of town for the occasion. I wanted to have the receipt in a holiday homes for rent (so that my Finacea and I and some of the reviews of the city, would have a place to stay later), but company told us they could not do that because of rescritions fire. Does anyone have any idea? Help please!

You may have to rent several places, or check with state parks for the climate-controlled cabins. Technically you could drive a few tents in the courtyard of the surroundings and say people are sleeping in them although it would not. The fire is the code and fire code if places willingly let him violate ending.

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