Alaska Highway

September 18, 2009 5:25 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska highway
How many days will it take to travel the Alaska Highway?

From Seattle to Anchorage, which is 2,500 miles. The fastest I've done that was 48 hours alone, but that was the quick trip ideal. Was a new Corolla, with no children, no baggage, and it was in April. That meant that almost all ice and snow had gone, but the campers and road construction had not started. Usually a co-driver (also a gonzo road-warrior like me), usually takes me 2.5 days in summer (campers and construction) or winter (Long dark nights and ice). But again, it's pretty extreme – one drives, the other sleeps in the passenger seat around 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. when nobody feels alert, it would stop and sleep in the car. It is a spectacular journey through this amazing landscape. Some of us like to look out the window for thousands of miles, but many people would have to stretch your legs, take a break or a walk. The main route is all paved, more or unless the construction zones' years. You can definitely do it in the shortest Geo Metro or Kia sedan. (And considering the gas prices, which might be a good idea). I've driven it 30 years ago when it was still 1000 miles of gravel road and needed replacement tires, stands, etc. Any person telling you about the extra fuel cans, lathes, etc. has not been or at least not for a while. The Cassier Highway is a good choice of main road, because it is a little shorter and faster and has the best views of the mountains (Back of the coastal mountains in Canada). However, it has 200 km of (very good) gravel road) and gas stations are not 24 hours, so you can not drive that stretch through the night without planning ahead. And I miss Laird Hot Springs on the main road which is a free, nice to stop and take your bones for a while. Get "The landmark" for $ 28. Released new each year. Ideal for trip planning, the dream, and plan your stops and places of interest, while on the road. It covers all roads in Alaska and northwestern Canada.

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