Alaska Highway Travel

November 9, 2008 11:03 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska highway travel
Does anyone has traveled the Alaska Marine Highway? The recommendations, which makes a cruise and visit the Coast Guard?

Son stationed in Alaska and we to visit and ends with a cruise, the investigation of how to move and the Alaska Highway (ship) looks like a fun way to expand out cruises. All tips

Unless you're traveling for food and entertainment, the Alaska Marine Highway System (also known as the Alaska Ferry) is as good as a Cruise, more relaxed, and much cheaper. You can book a comfortable sleeper, snacks on board, and eat in the cafeteria. You see the same landscape that is from the cruise ship, but a lot closer. For day trips (rafting, flightseeing, etc) once you get to Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan, you can do that with the same companies that ship operators tourist use. My suggestion would be to fly to wherever his son lives, have a nice visit, then take ferry to other people. You can make a boat trip round trip, stopping at several ports during the night if you wish, and end up back in the city of your child, or if you can do one way and fly out of another city. I suppose your son is in southeast Alaska. If so, do not miss Sitka. If you can get there on a day when no ships cruise is a bit less crowded, but worth a visit at any time. Especially Sitka National Historical Park (also known as Totem Park), the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, old books Harbor, and the house of the local tribes. A great city to walk around in.

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