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October 4, 2009 2:19 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska highway news
4/16/2009, Poll: U.S. Is become a work-based welfare-state, depending on the government for employment?

The December 6, 2008, The New York Times quotes Obama, saying: "We will create millions of jobs making the largest new investment in our infrastructure since the creation of national system of federal highways in the 1950s "View / us/politics/07radio.html. However, this type of "shovel-ready" stimulus "spending stimulus that was not long economic recession in Japan, but that adds to your debt. This type of expenditure has been tested and failed. In fact, "among ordinary Japanese," made this type of expense "to the nation in a state of public works Based on "View html. However, the Honorable Sarah Palin of Alaska stimulated the economy by reducing spending, savings and tax breaks large. See, 0.2756085. history. What is your gender and political party?

It seems that the U.S. are tending in that direction, especially with some of advanced programs funded by this administration. However, and not their (the administration), the defense, this trend has accelerated in recent several decades (except in the military-industrial complex that is very healthy). I can use as evidence the fact that many jobs in the industrial and scientific are moving abroad to nations where labor and materials are cheaper. Because of this movement, the U.S. is becoming oriented economy service, but services are only for ourselves – no production-based economy and left the U.S. scientific dollars to put out the country. I think at the root of this is the U.S. standard of life we have come to expect and the aspiration and expectation of higher incomes and better standards of life for each one of us. DO NOT get me wrong, I'm not saying we do not want this higher level of life or fight for it. But the price we are outside the global economy and make U.S. uncompetitive in the global market. I think your point about Gov. Palin is a good and is one of the reasons to vote McCain / Palin in the last election. EDIT: Independent / Man.

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