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April 13, 2008 11:53 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska group travel

Alaska Cruise Tips: When you book a cruise to Alaska

How far in advance you must book a cruise to Alaska? If you wait until the last minutes to get the best deals?

Unlike with Caribbean cruises, for which last minute deals are readily available, the market Alaska cruise ship is much stronger. There are fewer ships sailing in Alaska in the Caribbean, due to reduced capabilities and limitations of the port of entry into the main glacier viewing locations.

Because of the limited supply and increasing demand, there have been fewer deals last minute Alaska cruise is available in recent years. If you are looking for a specific type of cabin, a balcony room or a suite, last minute deals are still more difficult to achieve.

So does that mean that last minute offers Alaskan cruises are a thing of the past? Not at all. In fact, even you can find the hottest deals if you're willing to be a little flexible with the time that the cruise.

The best deals on last minute cruises Alaska can be found for cruise ships sailing in the beginning of the season in May. If you are able to travel in May, and you're a little flexible on the date of your cruise, you can often find some outstanding bargains in most all categories of cabin, with a saving of 50% or more of the high season rates in July and August.

The latest and greatest next minute prices can be found for Alaska cruises sail at the end of the season in September. The climate in South coast of Alaska in September is only a few degrees cooler than in August, and there are even fewer errors, making September a great time to cruise.

But what if you have to travel in peak season during the months of July and August? You can still find great deals for these months, but you must start planning your cruise early. In fact, the best time to start planning is more than one year in advance.

Most of the lines Alaska cruise ship cabins start selling cruises for over a year before the date of sailing, in April and May last year. So if you want some great discounts Early booking, start looking early and shop around, since additional discounts are available through travel agencies with access to group rates.

Alaska cruises offer great value and remain the most economical and convenient way to see Alaska. So plan ahead or be flexible with the date output, and you can find some interesting deals.

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Scott Russell is a writer, consultant, and frequent traveler. To find out many more great tips on planning Alaskan cruises, check out the Alaska Cruise Advisor, which covers all aspects of Alaskan cruising, including details on Alaska shore excursions and cheap Alaska cruises.

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