Alaska Glacier Cruises

April 7, 2009 6:10 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska glacier cruises
What are the best excursions in the hotel in a cruise to Alaska?

Here are some details: "The Celebrity cruise is" We left May 29, definitely want to go fishing and see some glaciers, I have no children so you do not want to do anything for children "And if anyone knows of any other-that would be seen in Alaska cool.

Have a look at, even after a few questions. We have a lot of information from there before going on a cruise to Alaska last year at the Celebrity Mercury. I think it will right time of year for the best whale watching and I'm not sure about the bears, but it was too late July, definitely something that we we had done. We found some pooh bear on a trail we were in never seen a bear yet. The Rocky Mountaineer (travel by train to Whistler) is a good trip, but we did as part of a cruise tour of three days. I'm not sure you can do as part of the cruise.

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