Alaska Glacier Cruise

July 31, 2009 6:13 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska glacier cruise

The best way to see Alaska is on a cruise to Alaska

Nothing is more fun and exciting to take a cruise. But why not go one step further and take a cruise in Alaska. It's just a matter of making up your mind that it is time to take an Alaskan cruise and see one of the world's natural wonders. An Alaskan cruise will a beautiful memory.

There are several ways to cruise in Alaska, here are just some of them:

• Interior Alaska Cruises – you will have the opportunity to visit all the wonders of the interior of Alaska. Surely be captivated with icebergs and glaciers. It's really amazing to see walls of ice are thousands of years. Seeing the icebergs "calving" will remain stunned. The interior of Alaska cruise is offered by all Alaska cruises.

• Alaska Day Cruise is just what it says, a trip on a day cruise. You can have a face to face with a huge wall of ice in a day cruise to Alaska. Either the test the beauty of dancing humpback whales. Of course, this is only useful for people who are doing a land package in Alaska.

• Alaska Celebrity Cruise – this is the first class cruise ships call Alaska. You will experience a more real, with a Celebrity cruise. Moreover, this is a little more expensive among all Alaska cruises.

The usual attractions that passengers love about Alaska cruises are the humpback whales, deep- sea and sailing through the fjords and glaciers. The sights you will see will amaze you. Nothing can compare to the magic of Alaska cruises. This is the only place where you see mighty glaciers and experience incredible wildlife.

The Alaskan cruise package you choose will determine the duration of your stay. By Usually, most Alaskan cruises are seven-day cruises. This is sufficient time to explore the intriguing ports of Alaska. However, the duration of your stay can also be expanded to up to 14 days.

The other option is to book one or two days before or after your cruise package where you can stay Anchorage or even Vancouver. Many cruise lines implement what is called land tours. This is where you take the cruise that you take a train that will take through Alaska to places like Denali National Park. Includes accommodation and first class usually lasts 10-14 days including the Alaska cruise.

Consider the size of the ship before you book your Alaska cruise. In a smaller boat will have less passengers and less competition for the incredible views. The smaller boats may also become smaller coves that are less traveled.

In the larger vessels with more than a thousand passengers, is more difficult for You may leave the crowd, learn more about, or even touch one of the glaciers. But keep in mind that in the larger vessels that were most comfortable.

Find the best Alaska cruise that fits your needs. By taking an Alaska cruise make sure to reserve some of the Alaskan cruise tours offered by the cruise line. Some of the tours offer amazing trips like a helicopter ride which will land in one of the glaciers. If you want to experience true adventure, the book of the tour where you go dogsledding. (Book early, sells out fast). Go to a salmon hatchery and watch the bears eating the fish.

Nothing compares to a cruise in Alaska, this will be a cruise of a lifetime.

What are you waiting for?

Happy cruising!

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