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September 1, 2008 2:21 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska gifts online
I want to send my mother a birthday present. She lives in Alaska. What online stores ship there cheaply?

Gift Ideas: Food or wine, candy, personal care products.

Here are some sites that offer to Alaska that might work for you. Shipping Information: # 3 http:// / Shipping is $ 5.95 for shipping standard delivery seems to be up $ 8.99 I agree with the another post on Surplus Disposal ( being a great place to shop. I shop there a lot. However, if you read its maritime policy, make it pay In addition to its $ 2.95 standard shipping for delivery to Alaska. It depends on the weight and size. It seems that most sites have to charge more for delivery to Alaska and really have not found any exception. One thing you might try to do to help with the cost is to look for coupons on the store where you buy en. If you can save 10%, 20%, etc in the product, the savings can go toward the additional shipping cost. I hope that makes sense. You can find coupons by doing a search Yahoo or Google for the name of the store and then the word coupon.

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