Alaska Food Chains

February 27, 2008 5:18 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska food chains
Fit emergency situations, as well as food and first aid, what other items are good to store for survival?

NEVER I forget the winter of 200 in Seward, Alaska. I had just moved to Alaska from the 48 states in the middle of January. Alaska was experiencing record levels of snow that year. So when I got there, where coverage of houses above the roof of the door. To me it seemed that I thought Alaska should be. People really say that "OH NO! This is not normal for us even this far." Soon, a chain of 36 avalanches off our only road for days and days. The main supply routes was the cradle out and we were isolated for long. It was mass hysteria! the only two grocery stores were almost totally naked anything but junk food. Anything essential to preserve the life was gone! I began to worry, but Alaska was unmoved. 3 days later U.S. Army flew for us in food and water. So I learned my lesson about food storage drives, but what else could be a good idea especially in a cold weather environment? I have first aid was extended.

The water, flashlight, candles, batteries, some lighters, if you have a fireplace, wood waste to keep the fire burning. Maybe a little radio for weather reports (once again come into play batteries here in order to obtain different sizes). Remember that it is best for foods that are canned, so they can stay fresh longer.

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