Alaska Fishing Tour

December 21, 2007 4:40 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska fishing tour
INFORMATION about fishing?

I'm going on a cruise, when you find transportation Port and fishing spots. Who really knows, definitely not the cruise ship or travel agency. At the bottom in search of any premises and help around Seattle on 8 / 12, Vancouver on 8 / 13, Ketchikan 8 / 16 Juneau 8 / 27 in Skagway 8 / 28 and Alaska Anchorage at 8 / 21 ????? ? INFO also on the climate, clothing, bait, guides and tours? But I think the best information I've seen is in the Alaska Fish and Game website. However, transport does not explain or spotting fee. In a chat site, suggested a taxi and a bus and rent a past a car? What do you know? Moroever where I can get better information, maybe a shop or a hotel, have any suggestions?

that is a great question, the time of year you go to your going to rain a lot especially in the places you go, bring rain gear! I think your best bet are the visitor centers upon arrival at each place. In terms of transport I wouldnt hire a car as they are going to different places. Taxi or bus is good.

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