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August 16, 2009 2:10 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska fishing guide
Best places for salmon fishing + Do I need a permit?

I've never fished for salmon before, but I'm interested. I heard that I need to book a trip "or" letter "with a guide. Is this necesarry? was thinking of Nova Scotia, Alaska, but I really do not know for sure whether this is best or where to start, as far as the use of a letter of good business reputation or guide … can anyone give me a hint? In addition, at the right time the year to go, but I guess this depends on the location. Thank you.

If this is your first time fishin 'Salmon especially if going to places like AK., (Not Scotland) is definitely going to want a Guide / Charter Boat;)! Not just a guide service to increase your chances of nailin ' Salmon (s), but say ya 'for a safe trip. The country in AK., It is magnificently beautiful, but can be treacherous at the ~ same time we know very well, I lived there … The links below are randomly taken me to Southeast Alaska, check em 'out and ya' just want to give them a call or email mail and get the complete design ie., prices, schedules, etc. availability. Good luck and have fun ;)… Note: There are many more services online guide, so you might want to give a search (best prices and locations) ;)… Just ran across this ~ da listins' for the letters, both by boat and guide individual services across the state …

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