Alaska Fishing Charters

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alaska fishing charters

Alaska Fishing Lodge – Silver Salmon Creek Lodge

When you visit Silver Salmon Creek Lodge, you will be experiencing natures artwork at its best. The Alaskan wilderness is truly here and can see everything on the wildlife and landscape. The coast here provides a wide variety of picturesque moments. From the mountains to saltwater bays, the creeks of the marshes comes a sense of Alaska.

This is an experience of Alaska Fishing Lodge, with the same management for twenty four years. It's Fly In Fishing at Silver Salmon Creek Lodge, which is located in Lake Clark National Park. This is on the western shore of Cook Inlet, which is known for some spectacular fishing. This is a full service Alaska Fishing Vacation, with many features that will have to plan many return trips.

You have your choice of cleaning cabins or tent if you prefer an outdoor experience. Fully attended fishing trips allow you to focus on the fish and not food. Speaking of meals, there are plenty of local seafood on the menu including halibut, salmon, clams, and muscles. Silver Salmon Creek Lodge also grow their own vegetables and herbs so you can have a fresh meal from start to finish.

In fisheries, there is an abundance of fish species to choose from. Salmon, of course, is the word, with five species available in the area. There are also halibut, Dolly Varden and even rainbow trout in the streams, wetlands, and bay. It is not uncommon to see prevail in the visit, and also keep a camera handy.

There is so much to see here, you have to plan on one of the three, five, and seven-day packages. This way you can fit in some or all the other things to do, like sea kayaking, exploring fossils, see Puffin, and clams. These adventures help side to complete a wonderful trip. If you have never been kayaking before, Silver Salmon Creek Lodge offers instruction, so you can get on the water and see Alaska from a point perfect view.

It is easy to see why this is a full service accommodation. So many things to do to please the fisherman and the fisherman are not. So if you are considering a fishing trip to Alaska, a Grand Lodge of Alaska Fisheries, then this is a great place to start. Silver Salmon Creek Lodge, located far to do while you relax.

Carl Dean has many family members who Travel To Alaska to vacation in the beautiful scenery and enjoy a wonderful variety of fishing. Her wish is that everyone experience the thrill of a fishing trip in a cabin of Alaska Fisheries.

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