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October 26, 2008 2:39 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska fish and game
What would you do if your city allowed 65 brown bears roam freely in the city?

Sounds crazy? So please read this;; _ylt = AvxUS5s4NUqYqCUW22PCUQEDW7oF Now I live near the small town in Alaska and we do have the occasional bear wander through the city. I have come to have in my backyard rear. But in my area that do not conform with the bear problem! We relocate them or shoot them. And if people were being attacked we want to solve this problem soon! So you think that the powers * are * in Anchorage are: stupid, careless, stupid, or what? What would you do in this situation? PS I have family and friends in Anchorage and are angry about this, but the city government fish and game and ignore their pleas. Thanks for the great responses! Its up to vote!

Sooner or later, human life is lost. And why? So people can watch the bears without going into the woods? The powers that be, tolerated by the bears everyone should be charged with murder when the bears kill someone.

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