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Thinking of traveling to Alaska? (Part II)

Given the wide variety of travel options, it is difficult to be precise. If you can be flexible, you can find often a return flight from Seattle to Anchorage for about $ 250. Although it is closer, flying to Juneau will cost more, usually $ 50-100 – U.S. Dollars course. From Vancouver to Whitehorse, return; expect to pay at least $ 200, Canada.

• Drivers are moderate gasoline prices in Canada and low to moderate in Alaska, through the pipeline.

• restaurant prices highest performing everywhere budget of approximately 20% what you need in the urban area of Canada or the U.S. Motel and hotel expenses are similar to those below, do not be afraid to bargain during takeoff or intermediate station.

• Cruise rates are complex and confusing, but if you're willing to do the task and the cost comparison is necessary, you can get deals remarkable. It is possible to snag inside a cabin of a seven-day cruise between Vancouver and Seward, Alaska, for less than $ 700 per person. This includes cabin and meals, but no alcohol or shore excursions. Still, it's a deal that is hard to beat. For a romantic getaway, consider traveling during the season half and apply principles of the savings to upgrade to an outside cabin with a veranda.


If I had to choose six unique sites in Alaska and Yukon Territory for a romantic getaway, honeymoon or wedding destination, which would you choose and why?

I realized that I had mentioned to me there is a very hot springs just south of the border in Alaska and Yukon Highway in central Alaska. Perhaps you would like to develop the way in this place qualifies as a unique romantic destination?


Only 6? That is not easy, I'll have to commune with my travel agent in you! OK, here goes.

For more information, my book Going Places: Alaska and the Yukon for Families explores each of these destinations in more detail. Government Web sites are another good resource.

• Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, Alaska

It is accessible (Alaska Airlines offers service to Gustavo, outside the park) and offers a taste of everything that the North has to offer. Although Gustav has excellent B & B for the newlyweds would recommend staying at Glacier Bay Lodge, the only lodging inside the park, which offers rustic comfort (get a room with a view of Bartlett Cove), good food, and activities such as kayaking, fishing, biking, boat tours of Glacier Bay, and free guided walks with rangers. Go flightseeing over the bay to look at the fields generate huge ice glaciers. If time permits, extend your trip to Juneau (a magnificent south ferry ride three hours) to visit Mendenhall Glacier, visit museums gorgeous, Tlingit art shop and boat tour to Tracy Arm-Ford Terror Wilderness. The hostel is open and tours are offered between late May and early September.

• Haines Junction, YT

What did you say? Perhaps you never heard of him, but this little village perched on the edge of Canada's spectacular Kluane National Park has much to offer – location, location, location, as they say in real estate. It is accessible by road from Skagway (4.5 hours), Haines (3 hours) and Whitehorse (1.5 hours). The visitor center is the main national park in the city with an excellent small hotel European style – the crow – with 12 spacious rooms and one of the best restaurants in Canada. Also in town are several decent motels and a bakery and excellent coffee. From here you can access great hiking trails for all skill levels, and explore the largest protected wilderness in the world. You will need a vehicle. If you do not have one with you, rentals are available in Haines, Skagway and Whitehorse. Or book a stay with one of the sites in the area full-service and let him will explore. Note to Canadians: For reasons no one seems able to explain, Canadians are not allowed to bring a vehicle in Canada, who have rented in the USA. Fortunately, Whitehorse has many points of hire.

• Homer, Alaska

In the southwestern Kenai Peninsula, Homer is the better part of a day's drive of Anchorage. It is small (about 4,000 residents), but with the conveniences of city businesses – as one of the best bookshops in Alaska, a museum first class and unique art and crafts galleries. Homer Spit, which extends 4.4 miles in the picturesque Kachemak Bay, has countless cafés and shops. At the other extreme, with Homer better view, Land's End Resort is an ideal destination for honeymooners. Book a room or rent a luxury condo. The restaurant is first rate. Immerse yourself in the hot tub at the water's edge and watch sea otters floating.

• Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

First the bad news: Unless the luck of winning the lottery by road which allows you to drive deep into the park in mid-September, will have plenty of crowds to deal with. The good news is that it's worth. Not only is the closest that you can easily get to Mount McKinley, wildlife viewing and spectacular scenery are among the best in Alaska, and accommodation options are excellent and varied. At the entrance of the park are many choices in all price ranges, some with views to die for. To get away from the crowds and closer to the natural world of Denali, consider a stay in the park in the beautiful and rustic Kantishna Roadhouse or Denali Backcountry Lodge.

• Alyeska Resort, Girdwood, Alaska

This Japanese-owned hotel offers pure luxury, unabashed. In addition, is 40 miles from Anchorage and a day trip to Portage Glacier and the Kenai Peninsula. In winter come for skiing, tubing and snowboarding in summer, golf, hiking and nature. Any time of year, enjoy first class amenities including a superb health club and swimming pool and a tram to a restaurant This mountain is a popular site for weddings, well equipped to handle even the lavish affairs. The high season is winter, summer stays can be quite moderately priced. For a romantic getaway cheaper

• munch Lake, BC

OK, it is in the Yukon, but about that! This beautiful turquoise lake is in the northern Rocky Mountains – a little-known but enchanted caribou and stone sheep wander the roads, fishing is excellent, and Crowds do not exist. The Northern Rockies Lodge offers comfortable accommodation and European restaurants and organize fishing and other excursions. Hiking and fishing are big here, but the number a romantic attraction is nearby Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park, 34 miles up the Alaska Highway. A boardwalk trail leads from the parking lot of the park the two thermal pools. TIP: A short walk from the beginning, is the most popular pool warmer and deeper second pool is more isolated and less visited, a great destination on a rainy day. Stopping at the springs is a tradition of almost everyone driving the Alaska Highway. If you do not want to bother with a vehicle, Hotel (owned by Bush pilots) will air from the U.S. or Canada.


You also mentioned to me that Asian tourists in recent years have been flocking to the north in winter packages to see auroras. Can you explain to us what these mean and what can someone expect to see?


They are fun and growing in popularity each year. In recent years, Chena Hot Springs Resort, a rustic but delicious a few hours of Fairbanks, Alaska, has been offering such packages.

The complex has always been a favorite destination for residents of Alaska for sports winter cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. The resort has several pools of hot water inside, but outside is your favorite hot spring lake. Bask in the warm waters, surrounded by snow and freezing temperatures, while looking up at the aurora overhead.

Winter packages include trips into a trap "snow" to see the dawn. The aurorarium "," very good pool, offers a comfortable vantage point to see the light show. Yukon and Alaska tour companies now offer package tours to see the aurora, nights usually three or four.


In recent years, Alaskan cruises have become popular. Could you tell our readers why and do you have any preference as to which cruise to take?


• Response is simple. Some of Alaska's most spectacular attractions are found along the Inside Passage. However, because they are separated by water and most are inaccessible road, the only way to reach them is by plane or boat.

• Another reason cruise travel is a very flexible way to plan a vacation. No matter your age or fitness level – honeymoon couples, weddings and family reunions, large parties, toddlers, college students and retirees – anyone can enjoy a cruise. There is entertainment on board (usually casino gambling, art auctions, Vegas-style shows, and gala dining room), programs Children, shore excursions to test the main attractions of the main ports of call and whales, bald eagles and other wildlife to see, all from the comfort of the ship.

• Cruises allow access to a beautiful and robust, but at a distance in the world in pure luxury. Visit Alaska, I often encounter visitors who are making their third or fourth trip, but whose first was on a cruise. Taking into account the offers available, it is also one of the most profitable to visit the north.

• For those not familiar with Alaska, I recommend taking a cruise in a Vancouver, BC, which includes a visit to the charming Sitka (Round trip cruise rarely stop in Sitka). Finished in Skagway, Whittier, or Seward, visitors can make their way to Anchorage for a couple of days and tactics, including in a short train ride to Denali 2-3 days before flying back to Anchorage, Vancouver or point of origin. TIP: check out the cost of flying one-way offered by cruise lines. They are often cheaper than anything you can organize your own.

Services • Among the cruise lines larger tend to be similar. For a romantic getaway in an important line, I like Royal Caribbean, Radisson or Mar de Plata. If you can do without a pool and games chance, try one of the smaller lines like Cruise West or Lindblad (if your wallet can handle the strain).


How far advance should a couple prepare for their honeymoon, romantic getaway or wedding in Alaska and the Yukon Territory?


• We trends outside my area of expertise here, but we will have a first wedding. If you need accommodations for 20 or 30 people, you will find a wide range of options many of which can be booked with a maximum of six months to notice a year – the amount of advance planning most weddings require. However, if your list includes 80 guest or more, will find fewer suitable targets and those that you find must be booked as soon as possible. A popular choice for weddings, as the Alyeska Resort can be booked well in advance.

• For a honeymoon, if you want the top assembly in the Captain Cook in Anchorage, a remote control station but popular, as the Parador Kantishna in Denali or a first class suite on a popular cruise, the book sooner, the better. Otherwise, six months should be sufficient.

• And for a romantic getaway, surprisingly, can often make spur of the moment plans – especially if you are willing to travel in May or September – and find topnotch options. TIP: If you are looking for a great place to perch in the summer high season, try to cities along the Inside Passage. Because most tourists visit via cruise ship or ferry and spend the night, you can often find excellent accommodation in Ketchikan (test West Coast Cape Fox Lodge with a spectacular view of Tongass Strait), a charming Sitka (the Westmark Sitka is a good bet) or Haines (the historic hotel has Halsingland several antique-studded suites). But in Juneau, the state capital, if the legislature is running a summer session the best hotels – the Goldbelt and Baranof – are likely to be booked solid.


What resources are available on the Internet related to weddings and honeymoon vacations?


Again, this is not my area of expertise. The ALYESKARESORT.COM has a wedding and reception planning page on their website. Anchorage has several wedding planners, but I'm not aware of any in Whitehorse. However, one nice thing about the north is the informality and ease of booking and planning a trip. And perhaps the long cold winters, but even small communities in the Yukon and Alaska typically have up to date sites web and are more than happy to help you find what you want.


Is there anything else we want our readers to know about Alaska and Yukon Territory?


Just one more suggestion – for adventure-minded couples with more taste (and nostalgia) that money consider touring the Inside Passage of Alaska via ferry.

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