Alaska Day Cruise

July 8, 2009 5:41 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska day cruise
Which package on a 7-day cruise to Alaska?

In addition to the camera, walking shoes, bathing each day, it really is needed on the boat (we have a balcony) and to explore the territories of Alaska in early June? Is there a lot of rain, windy? cold? Hot? We Chicago for June in Chicago is 60 to 100 degrees on any given day, but with luggage limit what I can afford to be without. Thank you.

I live in Juneau, that is a problem in your itinerary of stops. Right now, looking out the IM window, and that's cast and maybe a maximum of 60 to go. been like all This summer's damn well. I think we had a few drops record rainfall this year! rain coat would be smart. just dress in layers. would be an extra intelligent … I mean … a sweatshirt or sweater. comfortable walking shoes. All boats dock a little away from the shops. bring a light backpack for their goods. It is surprising how much it will end up buying, and the handles of the bags in just lil annoying. if you have back problems, you may want to pack their own seat cushions for trips to see things. the trip from downtown to the glaicer Juneau is a 20-30 minute walk, this does not include loading and unloading until the time. Same for Seward travel. Dress as nice as it is a rainy day in Seattle. Do you expect the sun, so sunscreen is a must! Especially if you get into any of the excursion boats one day. We see a lot of people with sunburn at the end of the day! Enjoy your trip to our beautiful state!

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