Alaska Cruises Teen

February 15, 2010 10:38 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska cruises teen
14 years old on a cruise of Alaska …?

So I have 14 years and I'm going on a Cruise To Alaska this summer with my family (we are 13 people). We will be 7 days on the boat and I think 3-4 days on earth. So here's the thing. I do not like things children and adolescents of service resorts and cruises offer so I was wondering what I will be able to do? and Will I be able to walk around the boat alone or I have to be accompanied by an adult? There are also movie theaters on cruise ships?

You have a great time. My son is now 14 years and has been on 4 cruises. He loves them. When a board is a floating city. He spends much time in the pool, walk around to load up on the frozen much as you can get their hands on. He is a pretty quiet guy and keeps himself and the club has acquired adolescents. You do not have to go every day but if you have an activity you like pop in a while. Sometimes we had to get you started is very shy. At some point, he'll meet someone and then go run around the ship. (Not literally) You will have a good time. It is good to go with a group as large. cruise> past had a treasure hunt with parents with children on board was fun. Go and have a good time on a boat there is never time enough to do all the things you want to do.

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