Alaska Cruise Vacations

December 30, 2009 12:43 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska cruise vacations
Alaska vacation – some good travel tips?

Next summer I travel to Alaska. I'm not really interested in a cruise or a tour group, that national parks and especially enjoy doing my own exploration (hiking, kayaking, driving, etc.) anyone have any good suggestions for travel the most of a trip of 7 days ~? I am a single man in the mid 20s and is probably traveling with friends.

Living in Alaska, myself, there are many things you might want to consider. As an example, for the best time, you may want to early summer (ie May and June). More Later in the summer it is, the worse the weather gets, in general. July and August are usually rainy. You can also try contacting the Chamber of Commerce or Tourism in some of towns and cities, are very helpful and respond quickly. You talked about national parks, hiking and … Skagway and Denali National Park are beautiful, but quite far. In Skagway has the (Gold Rush) Chilkoot Trail. Of course, Denali, Mt. McKinley. In and around Skagway has glaciers and fjords you can see. Those are the things in groups, but are small (6-12 people ~ glacier fjords are up to 40-ish). Note: * how many people also tend to fall into that old idea that it is Alaska, which will be cold. This is not true. This places last summer were temperatures of 70 + for most of the summer (April to July, August worsened). Point be not only heavy pack / warm clothes. While a few items will have warmer over high in the mountains or on the coldest days occasional.

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