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December 16, 2009 2:49 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska cruise tours
What is the best cruise line out of Seattle and the circuits of Alaska?

I am looking for a cruiser to take my son and daughter aged 14 and 17. They want Alaska to sea, and I would leave Seattle, because it is in the U.S.. I wonder what is the best cruise line is having fun activities such as kayaking. The trip will be the beginning of August, so you need to book fast!

At this point I do not know if you can find a cab. If all lines offer many different things as most visit the same ports of call. I have sailed with Norwegian and Princess to Alaska and was completely happy with the two lines. Variety of activities both on board and a lot of excursions to choose from. Because of security reasons I doubt that you beable to go. Try calling 1-800-princess and see what they say. AMAZING is a cruise. To really see Alaska, both for you and your children a cruisetour is the best with the princess, but either leave or Vancouver. Good luck.

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