Alaska Cruise Star Princess

April 7, 2009 8:02 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska cruise star princess
Thinking about going on a cruise?

There are four of us ranging from ages 19-28 marzo boys and I a girl! and im thinking about taking us on a cruise to Alaska. I want to know what you did on your cruise to Alaska and it really should not miss! I was thinking of going on the Star Princess, but if you know of a cruise line should go in that more information would be useful too! Please note that we are young and full of energy! Thanks and Please do not suggest ta go on a Caribbean cruise because we are of the Virgin Islands and we want to get ta outside the Caribbean and see a bit of snow! and when is the best time to go on a cruise to Alaska?

I went to Alaska last July in one of the ships of Princess. Do not remember why. I really loved it, but I'm not sure would be more fun for people your age. However, if that's what you do, go for it. The landscape is beautiful. There are all kinds of adventures you can take part in different ports. Several fishing expeditions – a woman caught a salmon and the kitchen on the ship preparing for her and her friends for dinner that night. You can take a helicopter on a glacier. There are hiking, biking, etc, etc. One night we had whales jumping right next to the ship. It was a naturalist on board who narrated that and some experiences of others, when we were going through a very interesting landscape. I did not run into or even see any bear, but several people. I took a train trip was great – it went way up a mountain through clouds. There were waterfalls and glaciers through the windows. As for the excursions at the various ports and choose a for each site. Some of the ports are tourist, but if you take a bicycle, boat, train, or some kind of transportation out of the port will see more and have more fun. There are activities on the ship every night. I do not remember seeing a lot of people their age on the boat, but that does not mean that there will have fun. There were many families. There was a nice workout room with good equipment and a spa. There were 3 or 4 pools. I had planned to swim. It was too cold for me, but many other people use pools. I want to go again. Have fun!

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