Alaska Cruise On The Star Princess

November 9, 2009 1:54 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska cruise on the star princess
Hard Decisions for Alaska Cruises – Princess – Send and Destinations?

I would like to book soon. I've reduced my first cruise that, Princess Cruises. The questions I have: 1) Within or on the road crossing of the Glaciers – which is best? 2) What boat? My options are Coral, Island, Diamond, Sapphire, Gold and Star. It seems that Sapphire and Diamond are the newest ships. I really can not afford a cabin balcony … worth having an obstructed window totall natural light? Or just pick up and inside the room and save money? Princess Any advice would be appreciated! I am planning this trip for me and a girlfriend to celebrate our birthday this summer – we want to be so big! Thanks!

I cruise with Princess 9 times and loved my Cruise To Alaska so I will do again soon. Anyway, do not get an interior cabin, unless you only use the space for sleeping. Get the best cabin you can afford and never regret it. I've been to Golden (three times), sapphire, diamond. All Princess ships are large and I do not choose the cruise ship, but where it goes. I would choose the cruise that goes to Glacier Bay if possible. That is the most impressive sight and is the culmination of an Alaskan cruise. If you have any questions, well if you want to send e-mail. I love the princess and all the cruise you choose, sticking with the princess, do not go wrong.

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