Alaska Cruise Line

February 7, 2009 6:02 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska cruise line
I'm going on a tour of the Pacific and N Alaska cruise?

Has anyone been there recently, did you enjoy it, what was the weather, which places did you see, is you do it again, what cruise line you used, anything else that would help.

We crossed into Alaska in July last year with the celebrity. Three days in the Rocky Mountains and 10-day cruise. The weather was not brilliant, rain and hail in a few days, but not too cold. Definitely not a holiday for sun lovers. Rain jackets and fleece are good things to have. A trip we made was a seaplane to lakes Misty, once again the stage was huge and when it landed in the lake, the silence was deafening. In the middle of nowhere and not a sound anywhere. Scenery and wildlife is impressive, bright and cruising. Probably would not do it again as Alaska are from the UK and it is easier and cheaper to travel the fjords Norway, Iceland, etc: I prefer the spectacular fjords and glaciers and ice there as well, depending on time of year.

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