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alaska cruise june

How to save money on your cruise reservations

Cruise Lines generally finalize their ship itineraries 12 to 18 months before the day of sailing terms you book a better chance you have to reserve discounts "early."

Another way to get a reasonable discount is a "last reserve hour. "The risk here is that your choices of routes is limited, and the ship and cabin options.

Cruise lines have often a lot of cancellations just before the start of their period of punishment. If significant enough, the cruise line will offer a sale likely fire without warning for a day or two to try to fill the space.

If you request a specific date, do not get angry when you hear the price. Check the price of the previous week or later and can save several hundred dollars. Find a way to adjust your schedule.

A good travel agent should ask for information necessary to get the best deal from the cruise line. The lines are always running special offers to particular groups and particular time frames. Discounts may be available for teachers, newlyweds, family meetings, the elderly, frequent cruisers, groups and military personnel.

Large agencies discount often make a significant investment in the reserve space in a particular group cruise. This means they have enclosed a lower price, while an individual booking may be higher by hundreds of dollars.

You never have to pay brochure price. Cruise lines all issue gorgeous, brochures on glossy paper with "sample" prices, but consider the prices to be as accurate as hotel prices per day posted on the back of the door your room.

Cruise lines have adapted to the Fatherland (Entry into service) of cruise ports in the cities along the U.S. coast. This includes itineraries that depart for the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexican Riviera, Canada and New England and Alaska. No need to add the cost of an airline ticket farewell to traditional port cities such as Miami, Fort. Lauderdale and San Juan, where you can take a train, bus or car.

Surfing the Web before booking to gather information or can act as your travel agent, from selecting a cabin to book a cruise. The Internet is a good place to be around and gather suggestions.

Use your frequent flyer miles to pay your airfare to travel a great distance to the ship. It is risky, but if the day comes before, probably will not miss the sail of his boat.

There are cruises available in all price ranges, and luxury and all represent perhaps the best value per dollar your holiday.

When traveling with a family, you might consider two regular cabins rather than a suite for all family members.

Last minute trips are a thing of the past. Due to increased security since September 11, 2001, can no longer be a pause in the day of sailing. Most lines now need at least 48 hours lead to the reserves, but these days, a week or two before sailing is considered last minute. Visit the websites of the lines cruises and cruise line agencies booking, which often have space available for flexible travelers. Plus / Minus: You can get a good price, but the cabins more convenient can be booked.

Ask for a "Category Guarantee Policy. This means you can buy the specific category of cabin on the boat, but not assigned a cabin immediately. You will find the cabin number on the dock or in advance. You will never receive a cabin in a category less of the reserved category and is not an opportunity for an upgrade to a higher category, which means a better cabin at no additional cost.

At specific times during the year in which to find great opportunities. The end of August through Thanksgiving, when school is in season will be less expensive. But it is also the time when there will be more children on board. The outputs just before Christmas, but not during the holidays and early January, right after the holidays are always a bargain.

For Alaska, in early and late season months of May, early June, September and offers the greatest savings. If you travel during these purposes "book" periods often pay half of what you would pay for an equivalent cruise in July or August.

All Cruise lines will run EXTRA SPECIAL discounts during those periods.

REPOSITIONING CRUISES one-way are excellent values, when the boats move to new bases. These occur twice a year: In spring, ships relocate from Florida and the Caribbean to Europe and Alaska. In the fall, they move in reverse. Most trips carrying 14 to 17 days. Note that there will be fewer ports of call and more days at sea on repositioning cruises.

Cruise Agencies often blocks book staterooms cruise lines called Group Bookings. An agent who has one of the blocks to their departure date can give you a rate better than one without. This explains the public appearance of the disparity in rates for the cruise itself among travel agencies.

No matter how good a price you received on your cruise, ask to be put on the list of update. Give them a good reason, like checking the ship for a family reunion in the future.

Cruise auctions should be investigated. Do your homework. Of course, Cruise's auction giant eBay auctions, but you should also consider

Now that you know how to get the best price on your cruise, sailing!

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About the Author

About the Author
Mary Hanna has traveled the world by Air and Ship while writing eBooks, Software Reviews and Practical Articles on Internet Marketing, Cruising, Gardening and Cooking. Visit her websites at: and or contact her at mhanna@cruisepublishing

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